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Recruiting Agreements Faster

Look More Professional, Stop Sending Fee Agreements in Word.

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Unlimited Fee Agreements, Unlimited Growth

It's simple we don't place a limit on how many fee agreements you can send.

E-Signatures: Faster Placements in Real-Time

Actually get  agreements signed. No more hunting for the fee agreement only to find you don't have a signed copy


Accurate data tracking and reports

Keep track of employees and the agreements they send.

The Ultimate Tool For Productivity: View Contract Status In Real Time

Let's face it, recruiters are busy people. The ability to view agreement status in real time, leverages your strategy for productivity. At FeeAgree we know each stage of a fee agreement is crucial to success. We are experienced recruiters who understand the importance of maintaining open and timely communication.

In the world of recruiting, connectivity is key. If you've ever been ghosted by a client, having instant agreement status can save you time and money. It is easy to follow up and keep the client and candidate in the loop and headed for success.

FeeAgree offers the connectivity to keep your business moving forward.

The Best in Data Management — Produce an Abundance of Report Styles

Accurate data reports help navigate your business to success. FeeAgree offers a multitude of report types to track your data from ATS to requisition approvals through the gambit of staffing reports and even career-site integrations.

FeeAgree makes data gathering and management accurate and efficient to keep your goals in sight.


How Great Develper API Improves Flexibility

FeeAgree's API provides the building blocks for a strong SaaS program that is easy to use and filled with features. Recruiters will feel confident using our system to produce the professional contracts they need, fast.

Our API allows for smooth communication in all phases of the recruiting process. It is designed to customize the tools you need.


Our 4 Best Integrations Partners Provide Quality

Our associates bring the expertise, apps, tools and services recruiters demand:

  • Bullhorn Integration utilizes VMS for requisitions that are both automatic and efficient. Their ATS pushes candidates directly to the VMS for the best status updates and produces accurate ROI data to help recruiters keep track of their financial chain.
  • PCRecruiter Integration offers our clients the best in features for all of their recruitment needs. They have a full array of tools to improve workflow that include everything from data importing to a variety of placement reports.
  • CatsOne Integration automates sourcing with apps to provide you with a wide variety of tools to create custom workflows. Their mobile-friendly career portal offers top-performing apps to improve your recruiting process from communication to sourcing.
  • Adams Evans & Ross Integration is the largest nationwide credit and collect firm. They have collected for a multitude of MRI franchises, and they do it with high success rates, and a no collection, no charge promise.