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Recruiting Agreements Faster

Look More Professional, Stop Sending Fee Agreements in Word.

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Unlimited Fee Agreements, Unlimited Growth

Let's be honest, it doesn't cost us anything when you send out an agreement. So it doesn't really make sense for us to charge you more for them, and that's why we don't. Whether you're a one man shop or a large enterprise with a hundred users, there is no cost to you for sending out more agreements and there is no limit to how many agreements you can send out. That means you will never have to think about running over the limit or have to delay sending an agreement out until the start of next month so you don't have to go up a tier in a billing plan. There's already enough things to worry about and this doesn't have to be one of them.

E-Signatures: Faster Placements in Real-Time

All the agreements that you send out can be signed be your clients online. The hassle of printing, scanning, and emailing back and forth becomes yesterday's problem. When you send the agreement to your client they will receive a secure link which will allow only them to view the agreement, from there all they have to do is sign their name, click a button, and that's that. After it's signed the agreement will remain easily visible for both you and the client in case you need to consult it.

If you do prefer to keep a physical record on hand there is also the option to download a copy of the agreement to print out.


Keep Track of All Your Agreements With Activity Logs and Reporting

Moving forward in the agreement process is hard enough as it is, so we make sure that you are always up to date on where you are. You can view the status of all the agreements you send out in real time so that nothing gets lost in the pipeline. All of your agreements can be viewed in the same placed and filtered by name or status, making tracking as easy as possible.

You will also have access to a log of the most recent client activities across all your agreements, making it easy to keep track of any developments as they happen.

Stay Up to Date With Email Notifications

Getting a fee agreement signed is a big deal and when it happens we want you to know about it right away. We send instant email notifications when a client views or signs your fee agreements. That way you can move forward immediately when an agreement is signed and if a client views an agreement but never signs it you'll always know about it, allowing you to follow up and see what you can do to get it signed.


Save Time With Our Built-In Integrations and API

The old saying goes that time is money, so saving time is always good. We provide built in integrations for PCR, Bullhorn and Catsone which allow you to import company and contact data directly from those sources, saving you the trouble of manually entering it again. All accounts also have the option for a free integration with Adams, Evens and Ross, a collections firm that works on a no collection no charge promise.

Fee Agree also comes with its own built in API, which allows you to build your own integrations to and from anywhere you could want.