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Fee agreements, streamlined

Building out a fee agreement can be frustrating, time consuming and inconvenient. At FeeAgree, we streamline the process and give you the tools and the confidence to know your agreement is solid—so you can get back to recruiting.


Say goodbye to files in constant disarray. With FeeAgree, you can store every agreement in one, easily accessible space.


Printing and signing agreements the old-fashioned way takes time and effort—and those aren’t always easy to come by. We can help.


Follow clients’ progress as the agreement is received, reviewed, and signed. See the time elapsed at each stage. Know more.


Easily integrated with ATS software such as Bullhorn, PCR and CATS, FeeAgree gives instant access to your info when you need it.


FeeAgree features drag-and-drop functionality so you can select exactly the fields and features your agreement needs.


First impressions matter, and FeeAgree allows for a clean, visually appealing document that better represents your firm.

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Imagine an agreement process less clouded by misunderstanding. Imagine a fully digital, trackable, sophisticated process that streamlines and strengthens every connection you make. Imagine fewer hassles and faster follow-ups in a more secure and effortless process to get the relationship going. Now realize that you don’t have to imagine it at all.

FeeAgree beta access is under development. To be included, request access now.